Our Center certifies not enterprises, but manufactured products that comply with Halal requirements of their composition, lack of cross-contamination, and contamination.

Therefore, not all products of these manufacturers are certified according to Halal requirements.

Certified products are always confirmed by a valid Halal certificate.

Halal Certification Center is an independent Halal certification organization that has been operating for over 25 years in all regions of Ukraine.

The Halal Certification Center is the only official certification body in Ukraine, whose activities are supported and controlled by the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine (RAMU).

The Halal Certification Center is a recognized certification center by the global Halal industry, the high level of which has been confirmed by the world-famous accreditation bodies JAKIM, EIAC and MUIS.

The logo of the Halal Certification Center has become a business card of Ukrainian producers in the global market, demonstrating not only the compliance of their products with Halal requirements, but also their high quality.


We provide a high level of service.
Our organization is accredited by JAKIM (Malaysia), EIAC (UAE) and MUIS (Singapore), so the certificate we issue is recognized worldwide.
Our company has been operating since 1992.
The logo of the Halal Certification Center has established itself as a sign of high quality and a guarantee of the absence of components prohibited in Islam.

Our certified manufacturers successfully export their products to countries around the world.

The assessment of the specialists of the Halal Certification Center is always objective.


Consideration of the application
You can download the application form on our website and send it to us by e-mail. After we review the application, you will receive a commercial offer.
Conclusion of the contract and payment
Concluding a contract and receiving payment from the customer is the starting point for starting work.
Review of documentation
We analyze and check the statutory, informational and regulatory documentation.

Audit of the enterprise
An independent auditor conducts an on-site inspection.
Expert review
A meeting of the decision-making commission is held based on the results of the documentation review and audit of the production.
Obtaining a certificate
Upon successful completion of certification, a Certificate of Halal Compliance is issued for a period of 1 year.
Use our logo or certificate on illegitimate grounds.
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email: halal@halal.ua

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