Nutrition is one of the integral components of our existence, aimed at maintaining the life and health of the human body through food. Humanity is constantly searching for the most correct and useful food. And these searches lead to different types of nutrition, which is easy to get confused: separate, vegetarian, traditional (mixed), mono-nutrition, macrobiotic, blood type, parenteral and enteral, and something else. And each of these types of nutrition is not just a diet, but a whole "science," each of them defending its own theory. But it's also not uncommon for people to feel unwell after changing their usual diet.
Halal means "what is permitted" in Arabic.

The use of the word "halal" has long gone beyond the meat industry, it is not just goods and services, Halal regulates all areas of life and lifestyle.
Recently, Halal has been associated with an additional quality assurance. Increasingly, Halal products are being bought not only by Muslims, but by all those who care about their health, as they are becoming more and more aware of this issue.
Everyone already knows the indisputable fact about the benefits of bloodless meat, which is achieved through slaughter rules, as the blood of killed animals is a favorable environment for the development of bacteria, including dangerous ones. This situation is exacerbated when, during further processing of meat, in the production of semi-finished products, carcass pieces are repeatedly frozen and thawed.

The dangers of alcohol have long been widely known to people, but not everyone refuses to drink it. It is obvious that society recognizes the dangers of drugs, but virtually ignores the facts and research confirming the dangers of alcohol.
From a medical point of view, alcohol is a poison that harms both individual cells and tissues of the body and the entire body, weakening its functions and gradually destroying it. And as a result, it is harmful to health and mind.