Do you know?
In this section of our website, we will tell you about not always obvious, but Shariah-compliant substances and ingredients in food and beverages, as well as household items and everyday goods that use or may use prohibited elements.
Brushes and brushes made of pig hair.

Today we would like to warn you against using brushes and brushes made of pig bristles. After doing a little research, we found out that many brushes on the market for painting surfaces and creativity, brushes for shoes and clothes, pastry brushes and combs are made of such bristles.

The bristles of a pig, as well as everything related to it and separated from it, are najasah (impurity) of qalbiyyah, which can be purified from contact with which (if it was wet) only by seven times of running clean water. In addition, one of the seven flows must be performed using clean water mixed with clean earth (according to the school of Imam al-Shafi'ee).

The danger of using such items
is the possibility of cross-contamination with your clothes, the place where you perform Namaz, which may result in the Namaz not being accepted. Moreover, such brushes are used in the confectionery industry, which means that you can get some of the najas with your food, so you should be careful when choosing tools.
To protect yourself from using such things, you need to pay attention to the type of bristles used in the brushes. The websites of manufacturers and distributors usually contain this information.

When it comes to painting brushes, pig hair brushes are usually used for oil painting.

Be careful and think about it every time you want to buy a particular product, because Halal is not only about food, it is also about other items that surround us every day: make every effort to protect yourself from the forbidden in all aspects of this life.