The Halal Certification Center has once again confirmed its high professional status by receiving recognition from the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia JAKIM.
By a decision dated January 22, 2019, the Halal Certification Center was officially recognized by JAKIM as one of the organizations authorized to certify manufacturers for compliance with the Halal standard in Malaysia. And in September 2021, our certification center reconfirmed this high status.
The accreditation was preceded by the submission and consideration of an application, updating of internal documentation in accordance with the requirements of international standards, as well as a visit of auditors from Malaysia.

Earlier, the Halal Certification Center was recognized by the International Accreditation Center of the UAE - EIAC.
Thus, by obtaining the JAKIM recognition certificate, the Halal Certification Center has expanded the validity of Halal certificates of conformity issued to manufacturers - such a certificate is recognized in all countries of the world.